Allie Silvas

Marked Improvement

Allie Silvas

Hey everyone,

This week marks two months at my job! In celebration, here’s an update of where I am in all things cooking:

I am just now feeling settled in at work which I think is interesting to note. We expect ourselves to adapt so quickly and feel frustrated when it takes longer than we want. Hopefully I will have more realistic expectations of what job changes are like in the future.

I am happy with my schedule and routines and am creating a habit of saying hello and goodbye to all my coworkers which really makes us feel like friends. Its a wonderful feeling to be excited to see the people you work with and its an unexpected pleasure of working in this restaurant.

Learning is a slow process and I am trying to have the patience for it. I want to be faster already, to have perfectly succinct movements, but I’m not and I don’t. A friend this week said to me ‘your impatience is ambition” which helps me to see those feelings in a more positive light. It’s certainly a lesson is self acceptance.

I feel very lucky to be in a place with encouraging people. This week while shucking oysters my chef said, “Hey remember when you were standing here and you couldn’t do this at all and you just didn’t get it? That wasn’t too long ago. Now look at you!” I agreed, it wasn’t very long ago and it feels much better to be on this side of that learning curve.

I’ve actually seen the most improvement when I’m cooking at home. I feel much more comfortable in my kitchen and it feels good to put dinner on the table. The familiarity of home is soothing. This week I made beet gnocchi because I saw a picture on instagram and decided to give it a try. The ability to be spontaneous in my cooking is the biggest reward.

It’s also nice to know no one is watching. Being corrected is a crucial part of improving; I embrace it, but it can be taxing. I can relax and pay closer attention to my senses and intuition when I’m cooking alone. I can practice my knife skills and have leniency with myself if my cuts are inconsistent. I can take an ingredient I’ve learned about at work and use it in a new way. I can experiment as much or little as I want. It’s freeing. I am happy to have created this space in my home.

If anyone is interest in coming over and cooking with me or just hanging out and letting me make you food send me a message!