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Allie Silvas1 Comment

Since I didn’t end up completing my two weeks at the previous restaurant, I ended up with a beautiful little pocket of time in which I have little to no commitments. It just so happens that this also falls on the week of my birthday for which I gave myself permission to take a week of fUNemployment.

I can’t remember the last time I had abundant, carefree time. Time in which there are no work worries, no obligations or commitments, no packing, just hours and hours of freedom.

I don’t usually go out a whole lot, maybe once or twice a week, but  in the last two months I’ve hardly gone out at all. I was strapped for cash so I ate almost every meal at work or at home. Even when I could have gone out, I didn’t. I didn’t wake up early and take advantage of the weekend mornings, I slept in.

Even though I know that getting out is part of my self care, I wasn’t doing a good job of prioritizing it. When I look at my self care list, I actually wasn’t doing a very good job at any of it.

I get anxious about my finances pretty easily so I always keep some money tucked away and I couldn’t think of a better way to use it than giving myself some time to breathe.

This week, I am taking full advantage of living in Los Angeles and having free time.

I am getting out, meeting up with friends and eating at new restaurants. I getting outside and going back to yoga. I am checking things off my list that I never get around to doing. I have an adventurous weekend planned that includes almost all of the important people in my life.

I’ve taken a few vacations but nothing quite compares to living my life exactly where I am, free of stress. This week I am learning that I can be happy here. I am learning to take care of myself in my space. Sure, I’ll have less time when I start working next week, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have everything I need to live my best life exactly where I am. I’ve just proven it.

For anyone feeling stuck or unhappy with their city, sometimes the answer isn’t an escape, but a clean slate where you’re standing.

My weekend kicked off last night with drinks and dancing with two close friends. I have lots of family coming into town over the weekend and on Saturday night my boyfriend and I are (FINALLY!!) going to dinner at Felix Trattoria.

Staycation, I could definitely get used to you.

P.s. If you guys are interested in more on eating out in LA, drop me a note in the comments :)