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2018...a month late

Allie SilvasComment
2018...a month late

Hey y’all, I hope 2018 is treating you well. I took a little winter hiatus and spent the month of January doing a lot of reflection. This is my first year with Lara Casey Powersheets Planner and its definitely more work than I was expecting but so far its been well worth the time investment. This year I’m focusing on cultivating relationships with friends and coworkers. One of the beautiful things about working in the service industry is the wonderful people and relationships you can experience; though last year was a bit tumultuous, I made some lovely friends.  

I feel excited, if a bit apprehensive, about the changes I know this year will bring.

The holiday season was rough at the restaurant. Its located in a business district and weekends and holidays tend to be a ghost town. Most of us were getting cut halfway through our shift and because of holiday closures were working less than five days a week.

Mid-January the staff was called together for a meeting to find out that we were reducing the hours of operation, there would be a remodel in the coming weeks and two of our managers had been laid off.

I was shocked and saddened that two of our team members would not be returning. Three other hourly employees had also left earlier in the week which made for a dramatic change.

In the last two weeks we’ve been able to restabilize but the revamp isn’t over yet.

I was able to have lunch with a coworker and former sous chef at a cafe I’ve been wanting to try. It was nice to go to the other side of town for a little while and to know that our friendships will continue beyond the space we first met in.

As February rolls through we’re preparing for the redmodel next week and I’m anxious to see how it will affect the popularity and vibe of our intimate space.

I’m hoping this year will bring more travel and am looking into several options for the summer/fall. I can’t wait to share how this unfolds!

More recipes and food stories to come in 2018!