Happy Birthday Matchstick Cooking!

Happy Birthday Matchstick Cooking!

Hello Friends! Today marks my one year blogiversary with Matchstick!!

Thank you to all of my friends who have taken in interest in this blog in the last year. To every person who has asked me to send them a link, read a post or liked a photo, thank you. Your support has inspired and encouraged me in so many ways.

A year ago I was sitting in a coffee shop writing my first post and making my site. I was incredibly nervous and didn’t really know what I was doing. What if people read it? What if nobody read it? Will I over share? Will anyone connect to it if I don’t?

One of my favorite writers, Elizabeth Gilbert, says done is better than good and so I wrote. I had enough of the what ifs and I just started doing it. It’s a journey full of baby steps but that’s okay.

In honor of one year of blogging I decided to try out my first recipe from Jerrelle Guy’s Black Girl Baking. This is the (Not An) Easy Bake Cake with Raspberry Glaze.

This cake can be made vegan which is one thing that I love about Jerrelle’s book. Although I am not on a plant-based or restricted diet, I appreciate that she integrates vegan options without isolating vegans or those who prefer a more traditional recipe. In this case I used coconut butter for the glaze however it can be substituted for confectioners sugar if you’re not interested in buying another ingredient.

I garnished with some flowers from around my neighborhood because the jasmine has been blooming and it’s absolutely gorgeous right now. I love the smell of jasmine and even though its officially summer, I’m still savoring the last bit of spring.

I’m also a huge fan or Jerrelle’s storytelling style. Every recipe is a puzzle piece which fits together to illustrate her personal history and connection with food.

I’ll definitely be making more of these recipes soon!

Ciao for now,